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Trauma within the walls and the consequence is breaking the walls: There is no avoiding it: crossing borders is part of our daily life. We leave home, we enter our place of work, we return home. and then there is everthing in between : the public transport turntiles, the motorway, toll gates, customs, speed detectors, security check points, electronic surveliance systems, the check out. When you think about it, you realize that it scarcely possible to move without crossing one or another visible or invisible dividing line. It is the spatial regime of the modern world where life is subject to compartmentalisation and protocols as if it were a scientific experiment to be carried out under strict controlled conditions. we propose breaking the borders and join together the principal spaces, ‘compacting ’ the buildings and maintaining the fragmented scale that we are looking for and improving the routes. the use of the same formal and volumetric language in all the pieces together results in that the intervention is carried out in a uniform way without having buildings with different characteristics for each use. we think that is not only the office spaces which is important there are also other protagonists which we intent to value and to treat then in a fair and uniform way. we can import an office space to another generation without deforming it with the help of this uniform way. no matter if it is a suburban or a cityscale the module can be adapted with its environmet by generating an ecosystem within the whole buildingscape.it will provide bright, open, technological rich, barrier free spaces for individual and collabrative aspects that will accomodate everbody that has different lifestyles and the spaces for the workers adapting heights, proportions and the uses which each programme requires. more info

Architecture Competition
Office Istanbul