Timeless Design Quality

Led by Kemal Serkan Demir, who was handpicked as one of the 'Best Architects 40 under 40 in Europe,' our firm stands as a beacon of innovation.


At our core, we celebrate time-honored techniques, infusing them with a contemporary flair. Our creations transcend the realm of mere structures; they are living, breathing masterpieces, a testament to the enduring legacy of 'Timeless Techniques in Architecture.'


Our foundation is built on a steadfast commitment to creative design and an unwavering dedication to delivering professional excellence. With a rapidly expanding team of young, passionate designers and architects, we consistently provide clients with exceptional service, inspiring design solutions, and meticulous attention to detail.


Our portfolio is a rich tapestry of diverse projects, each undertaken with a fresh perspective on design challenges.

Our multidisciplinary team, comprising architects, interior designers, and CAD drafters, offers a comprehensive range of services, including Architectural Design, Interior Design, Project Management, Retail Design, Fixture Design, Image/Identity Design, and Graphic Design. Our extensive experience spans Residential, Hospitality, Showrooms, Modern Agricultural Spaces, Space Planning, and Commercial Spaces.


At Office Istanbul Architects, our mission transcends brick and mortar; it's about crafting unforgettable experiences, forging harmonious connections with nature, harnessing its wonders, and spreading the love through the art of architecture.