Villa Lavender

─░zmir,Turkey 2020

The villa is located atop a high hill near the wine region. With a transparent and open character, it blends in with the Mediterranean landscape. The aim is to be in touch with nature while maintaining an in-and-out relationship in a bold, contemporary form. To give an expanded response to indoor/outdoor relationships, the landscape and climate play a significant role where everyday life is more present. Light and shadow become fundamental elements to orient the geometry of sunlight. As we began putting materials together for the scheme, we wanted to capture the light and the pattern of nature.

The very first ideas emerged when we looked at the view from the plot’s upper corner. In the middle of the plot, there was a miraculously old lavender cluster, as though finding a new purpose in life. And then a sketch appeared in our minds covered with the lavender field. Finding a way to communicate with the surrounding, gives us a chance of creating a holistic spatial experience.

The monotonous and monumental appearances of Villa Lavander create a variety of perspectives, directions, and characteristics. The arrangement of these white volumes admits as much natural light in the interior through skylights, terraces, and glass windows.